A warm welcome to our new arrival, a beaver fur neck bag.  As always with handmade/handsewn items each one is unique, however they all are accented with a pewter button and a braintan and hand spun wool braid. The front of the bag is beaver fur while the back is braintan. Yes, is the answer to the often asked question does the bag really open, however it will only hold small treasures as the bag itself measures roughly 3 1/2 by 3 inches on the outside. A fun to wear accent piece that is a great conversation starter.    

These bags are extra special because so much about them is a byproduct of our lives. The braintan is hand tanned by my husband, and is a wonderful high quality product.  The beaver are trapped by him, often at the request of the neighbors and friends to keep the numbers down enough so trees aren’t damaged, or roads and waterways flooded.

Meanwhile my small flock of sheep are busy mowing our grass and producing the wool that I shear and then hand spin into yarn.  Before you ever receive your bag it has had many hours of personalized craftsmanship already invested in it.

Now the exciting News
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     Winner selected November 29th

Check back in every month! I have a lofty goal for the next baker’s dozen (13) months. Each month I plan to add a new handmade item to our business.  The first month each piece is introduce there will be a drawing to enter so one lucky person will win one of the new items at the end of the month. You may only win one time within the 13 months, but you are always welcome to support us by purchasing. 

Note: Our Beaver Neck bags may be purchased on Etsy for $28.00 with Free shipping in the USA. If you are outside the USA please contact me for shipping costs.