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Northwest Corner of Pennsylvania | 7242534429

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Circle S Leather

Genuine Braintann / A Proud Product of Backwoods USA

Braintan Deer and Elk Hides

Welcome to Circle S Leather. We are a family run business. We work out of our home and a small shop. Because God has blessed our business, over the last 15 years our braintan has sold in 46 states and 13 countries. We have a wide variety of customers: Native Americans, reenactors, tailors, musicians, bead workers, quill workers, and other talented folks who all like the unique characteristics of quality braintan. We hope to have a new website up soon. Come back and check it out.

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Address: Northwest Corner of Pennsylvania

Phone: 7242534429
Business Hours: If you don't get us the first time, please try again or leave a message.
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