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Welcome to Circle S Leather. We are a family run business. We work out of our home and a small shop. Because God has blessed our business, over the last 7 years our braintan has sold in 46 states and 13 countries.

We have a wide variety of customers: Native Americans, reenactors, tailors, musicians, bead workers, quill workers, and other talented folks who all like the unique characteristics of quality braintan.

For new customers, we offer free samples of our braintan. Just send us a self addressed, stamped envelope and we will send a small scrap piece for your consideration.

On this site you will find pictures of our braintanned buckskin, a few products we create, and a gallery of our customers creations, and check out the blog page if you have a question about braintanning. You can also read articles  there about how we tan hides or just say hi. Enjoy your visit and come back often to check for updates.



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Braintan is an ancient method of tanning hides that involves dressing a raw hide with brains, (or other natural emulsified oils) softening it with manual labor to produce soft buckskin and smoking it to preserve the softness.

Some version of braintan was produced in nearly every part of the world, at some point in history. Here in America, when we think of buckskin, the first thing that comes to mind are the native plains tribes with their long, graceful fringe. And with good reason. Buffalo, deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, and elk hides clothed them, and provided their shelters in the form of hide Tipis. But did you know that buckskin was also worn by those on the Lewis and Clark expedition, the trappers (mountain men) of the 1800’s, and settlers in both the east and west?

When they harvested their meat supply, they gained the raw materials for their clothes. All they needed came with the animal, except for wood smoke and a few simple tools.




iris notebook2It is a dangerous thing to try to list all the people who have helped you get where you are today by name for you would surely miss someone. So we will not mention names, however, we feel very honored and blessed by all those who have helped us: family, friends, and even total strangers. Some have guided us with a personal touch, yet others have encouraged us through email, phone, or forums. Some have lead us simply by their example, and then there are all those who have guided our search for these forgotten skills by what they have written down in books and articles for seekers to find and treasure. What blessings are passed down as our lives interact with others. Our prayer for those who have helped us is that God will multiply your blessing and return it back to you and your families.

We are also continuously thankful for each customer's order. From the smallest poke to the largest elk hide, your purchases are what keep our family business running. Many of our customers have become our friends and we look forward to hearing from them. I cannot count the times I've ask God to bless those who use our leather.


May God bless you one and all,