“Hello everyone, my name is Don Gamber, I’m the designer and builder of the leather goods at Gamber Leather crafting and I use quite a bit of the bark tanned hides I purchase from Circle S Leather. I couldn’t be more pleased with the hides I have received. I like to incorporate the raw edges, healed over wounds and patches of hair on my hides and Circle S Leather provide just that. I highly recommend your doing business with them. I personally look forward to one day visiting their family, I’ve enjoyed talking extensively with them.”

Don Gamber (Gamber Leather Crafting)


“Your work is the best out there right now and your prices are right, so I recommend your hides in all of my classes!” 

Mike Kostelnick


“The Stallsmith hides are of the highest quality.   They make great possible bags,  and straps.  There hides  also allow me to make possible bags and knife sheaths  of my own design.”    
The middle bag in each pic was made by Loren and Liza and the other bags are made by the customer. We make the bags and the customer adds the quillwork.

Dave from South Carolina

Fantastic brain-tanned deer hide leather. I have gotten brain-tanned deer hides from Loren and Liza for several years now. Their hides are exceptional! The smoking done on these hides is always done to perfection. Sewing the brain-tanned leather is like sewing through butter, unlike commercial deer hide leather.  My brain-tanned baby moccasins are shared with family and friends whenever there is a new arrival, and they are very much appreciated by the newborns parents. I ask the parents to save their little pair of baby moccasins, and give them to their child when they he/she grown up and when she/he has a new baby of their own. The little pair of wrap-around baby moccasins is then worn by this grand-child. When this grand-child outgrows the pair, they are to be stashed away and given to the great-grandchild.

I strongly recommend buying smoked brain-tanned hides from Loren and Liza. They take a lot of pride in their work, and it definitely shows. I have gotten deer hides from Loren and Liza for the past several years, and I have never been disappointed in their workmanship. Always top quality hides. I have recommended Loren and Liza to another Canadian moccasin maker, and she has been very pleased with the deer hides that she has gotten from Loren and Liza.”

Muriel Mueller

 Email: mamacatz6@mcsnet.ca

My Mom wanted me to learn how to make baby moccasins, and she chose to teach me how to make them by using Loren and Lizas smoked brain-tanned deer hide. They were so easy to sew, and were fun to make. The brain-tanned leather is so easy to work with! I beaded a traditional beading pattern on this little pair of baby moccasins, and I lined them with fur, and added a fur trim on the top of the wrap-around moccasins. I hope they keep a newborn babys feet toasty warm next winter.

Jennifer Mueller

“I’m a craftsman and artist, working exclusively with brain tanned buckskin. I need only the highest quality braintan for my art, sometimes with very specific characteristics. I’ve been purchasing buckskin from Circle S leather since 2012 and have never been disappointed. As a former professional tanner I can confidently say it’s some of the best buckskin around.”

Kfir Mendel

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“For years, I thought I used good leather for my products until i had enough of the commercial tanned leather cracking and getting weak too often. I found  the Circle s leather website, and right away spirit told me this is the REAL DEAL. I made an order, got the hide and gave away all my old scraps to start a fresh line of products that took my products and  love for leather to the next level. Loren puts his heart and soul into his work, so i thank him for keeping alive a vital craft that touches lives in more ways than i know.”

Red Hawk of Bakasa Art

 Email: BAKASAART@gmail.com