December’s new arrival is a new twist on a old Christmas tradition. Christmas stockings come in all shapes and sizes, plus out of various materials, so why not braintan and fur? No two of these are really alike. They have so much personality from the character of the leather to the different fur cuffs.  The basic pattern is the same so all the stockings are roughly 5 and 1/2 inches by 4 and 1/2 inches , but from there originality abounds. They are available with a variety of cuffs: raccoon, beaver, muskrat, fox, and even possum, which is my personal favorite. They are crocheted together with hand spun yarn form my sheep to give them that extra handmade touch, and hang by a braintan loop.  Where you choose to hang them is up to you. They make great Christmas ornaments, tags for a package, or stuff it full of something small and precious letting the stocking be you wrapping paper.  Where would seeing one of these hanging make you smile?


These braintan stockings reflect our love for traditions. Trapping season is a tradition here. It all started when my husband caught the trapping bug at the age of eight and has been passed down to our children. To this day he still traps in some of the same areas he did when he was young. We are not eliminating any species, just trying to keeping the balance healthy as we go back year after year to the same places with respect and admiration for the animals that we take.  Trapping lies deep in my family history too, as my grandfather built the second story of his families’ home with his trapping money.  The tradition of hand spinning has been tried by all in our home, except my husband, however only two of us have fallen down the rabbit hole of keeping a drop spindle handy. Christmas here is full of ever changing traditions as our lives flex and change through the years. I can hear the words from the musical Fiddler on the Roof…”Tradition, Tradition!” So these handcrafted Christmas stockings are just waiting for you to claim them and start your own traditions! You may choose your fur cuff or let us surprise you.



Now the exciting News
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     Winner selected December 29th
Whew, two of the months are done. Remember to check back in next month to see our new arrival. Hint, Hint… my daughters especially like this month’s handcrafted item. 

Note: These braintan stockings may be purchased on Etsy for $28.00 with Free shipping in the USA. If you are outside the USA please contact me for shipping costs.