January’s new arrival will make you think of the woods. Our Elf necklace is eloquently simple, but reminds one of the beauty of the woods. Leaves, leaves everywhere, tender and new in the spring, filtering the light of summer to create welcomed shade, and dry, rustling, and full of color in the fall. The materials used in making it are braintan, glass beads, pewter, and a wish to be in the forest. Let this necklace remind you of your favorite woodsy hideaway. The length of the cord on this necklace is roughly 20 inches, and it has a lobster claw clasp and ring in the back of the cord for safety and easy of taking on and off. Handcrafted as they are, each is a bit different. as I chose a different blend of beads for each necklace, or you can even your choose the color theme, Who in your life would feel more elf like with one of these adorning their neck?

I dedicate my elf necklace design to all the wonderful writers whose stories have taken you, me, and those yet to come on adventures threw other worlds and times from Token’s Lord of the Rings series to Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle, and all the other fun stories both big and small whose writer’s imaginations have defined how we see elves.

Now the exciting News
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Remember to check back next month for our February’s arrival and drawing.  As of now I have three different projects in mind, but must narrow it down to one. Which will it be?