Our Hides


Braintanned deer hides are $15 a square foot. Example: an average sized hide of 10 square feet is $150.

Braintanned Elk Hides are $20 a square foot. Example: An average cow elk hide of 20 square feet=$400

Contact us for size and availability. If you wish to examine our buckskin before buying, free scraps are available. Simply send a self addressed stamped envelope and we will send a small sample piece.

To ensure you get the best hide(s) for your project we will need to know what size and thickness of hide(s) you prefer. Please specify color: White (unsmoked*) light, meduim or dark.

You can email your order or call us at (724)253-4429.

*Our white hides are not smoked and must be kept dry. Unsmoked braintan will stiffen and need re-softened if washed.



We usually have raw deer hides for sale to those who like to do their own tanning. These are from whitetail does, mostly smaller sizes and some larger sizes with a few extra holes (in addition to the normal bullet holes) The average hide is $15 plus shipping. Email us and let us know how many hides you want to order (we prefer to ship at least five at a time) and send an address so we can calculate shipping. U.S. residents only.